About Minescape, Runescape in Minecraft

Minescape is a Minecraft MMORPG inspired by Runescape started in 2012. The game contains a lot of unique features unseen on other Minecraft projects.
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more than 20 skills, quests, musics, dungeons, monsters and much more!

Main features

Inspired by Runescape

Minescape is a gameception. Using Minecraft to its full extend, Minescape is a fully fletched MMORPG inspired by Runescape.


Minescape contains more than 20 skills in non-linear forms. Train the way you like and unlock more abilities, items and areas.


Minescape is a unique game. It contains features unseen on other servers such as a complete music synthesiser with more than 30 instruments.


We follow what the community wants through different means. Minescape is about sharing a common passion and making the bets out of it.

A bit of history

Minescape was first released to the public in 2012 on a non Runescape inspired map. A few months later, a partnership with Podcrash was made and Minescape was released on the Runescape map Podcrash was building on the GamesLabs network.

Minescape became popular in 2013 and has been continually evolving ever since. Years have passed and the project is no longer affiliated with the Podcrash build team. Several "copycats" tried to copy our project without success.

In 2016, we brought Minescape Classic on its own network and took down the GamesLabs network temporarily.

Our expectations for Minescape and Minecraft games in general grew more than what our current framework could handle and we decided to go through a full recode of Minescape and the GamesLabs Network in 2018.

In 2019, the GamesLabs network was brought back to life with Minescape as one of its main games. Minescape has greatly evolved and has more content than ever. It contains a lot of uniques mechanics unseen on other servers and is constantly being updated with weekly updates.

In 2020, our goal is to bring Minescape to more players and gain back the player base it once had.

How to play

You can play Minescape by joining our Minecraft Java Edition network @ play.gameslabs.net. Make sure to have server resourcepacks enabled and to turn on your sounds!

You may also join our Discord to follow the project actively